Exploration Place

State’s largest dome theater gets upgrade

Exploration Place’s Digital Dome Theater and Planetarium – the largest in the state – has been upgraded to a two-projection system to offer brighter and clearer images on the screen.

The new film “Great White Shark” debuted in June on the 60-foot tall screen with 360-degree views. Also currently showing is “Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag.” Watch for “Pandas: The Journey Home” on the dome screen in October.

Admission may be purchased separately for $5 or as part of a combo ticket with exhibits.

For details, visit Exploration Place website.

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Exploration Place launches aviation exhibit

After five years of planning, the new permanent exhibit Design Build Fly at Exploration Place give visitors an up-close look at aviation.

The 50 activities in the 5,100-square-foot space include piloting an unmanned aerial vehicle, testing landing gear, repairing a wing, designing a plane exterior and airplane seat, creating and flying paper airplanes, and watching air patterns on a wind wall. Exhibits also answer such questions as why you can’t use a cell phone during takeoff and what happens when you flush a toilet 25,000 feet in the air.

The aviation exhibit is included in regular admission. For more information, visit exploration.org.